IMG_0220.JPGFollowing the amazing success of Mums Who Wine and after repeated requests, Dads Who Wine was birthed in July 2018. The Dad behind Dads Who Wine is Mark Oliver, husband of Lauren the Founder of Mums Who Wine. Mark is passionate about seeing dads come into their full potential as fathers. One important way to do this is to ensure Dads regularly 'fill their tank'. With the business of life, work and fatherhood, many dads are running on fumes. Taking time out to fill their tank regularly, ensures dads always have something left to give to the most important people in their lives, their family.
This has developed in a similar way to Mums Who Wine – coming out of a genuine need in the communities we have launched. We are asked constantly, mostly from dads about when we are launching something for them. This really got us thinking and we recognised that there is a major need in our society for dads to fill their tank and connect with other men.
The number one cause of death in men is suicide. This is an alarming figure that we could not ignore. We then realised that if fathers were connected with other dads in a supportive and meaningful way, similar to the way the mothers have connected through Mums Who Wine, we could have a positive impact on these figures.

What we do

Dads Who Wine works on the same concept, but with a few tweaks. I.e. the “other things too” has been put in place to leave room for things like scotch, beer and BBQ! We will host regular events, their frequency will depend on the need in each area. These events will be more activity focussed i.e. Brewery tours, scotch tastings, golf days etc.
Similar to Mums Who Wine, we will also be donating 5% of all proceeds to PANDA’s “How is Dad Going?” program. Most people are surprised to know that;
1 in 20 men experience anxiety or depression during their partner’s pregnancy (antenatal) and up to 1 in 10 new dads struggle with anxiety or depression in the year following the birth of their baby (postnatal). It is important to understand that Perinatal Anxiety and Depression is a common and serious illness that can affect any man and his family, regardless of culture, age or background.
Therefore we would love to continue supporting PANDA in a greater way to help raise awareness about the mental health of both parents. Learn more about the How is Dad Going? campaign by PANDA.

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Business Affiliates

If the mental health of men is an issue that resonates with you and your business is something that is also relevant to men, we would love to partner with you. If you would like to be a part of Dads Who Wine and offer VIP treatments and benefits to our dads, complete our Affiliate Inquiry Form



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