Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Dads who Wine VIP Membership – AFFILIATE Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between Dads Who Wine and Your Business. 

This agreement serves for the provision of a Members Benefit Program for “Dads who Wine” Members within Australia. This agreement will start upon confirmation of receipt of your sign up form and ends 12 months from this date. This agreement can be renewed for a further period at the agreement of both parties. 

The said parties, for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, hereby agree to the following: 

  1. You are an authorised representative of the business with permission to enter into this agreement
  2. Your business agrees to be an affiliate of Dads Who Wine by offering benefits to Dads Who Wine Members within Australia. 
  3. Your business will provide the benefit listed in your sign up form to members.
  4. It is agreed between the parties that in exchange for the provision of complimentary benefits to members, Dads Who Wine will provide occasional complimentary advertising, the use of the Dads Who Wine Website (, Dads Who Wine Facebook site (@dadswhowine) and Dads Who Wine Instagram (@dadswhowine). 
  5. The parties can agree to further “once off” member benefits, promotional benefits, VIP nights or extra incentives throughout the course of this affiliate agreement. It is agreed that such benefits would be in addition to those stipulated in your affiliate form.  
  6. The benefit may be amended by mutual agreement between the parties.
  7. Your business accepts and understands that the mission and heart of Dads Who Wine is for dads to prioritise and invest time in themselves. By understanding this, they agree to make all reasonable efforts to provide the best “experience”, wherever possible, for all Dads Who Wine Members. 
  8. Dads Who Wine has the right to terminate this agreement if it is believed that your business is acting in any way contrary to the heart and mission of Dads Who Wine.  
Dads Who Wine